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Winter Solutions

Few factors affecting rail operations are as unpredictable as the weather, and few have as much potential to cause delays and incur costs.

Winter conditions in particular yield many challenges, not just the need to keep trains and track clear of ice and snow but also keeping passengers and staff safe on icy surfaces. Other times of the year pose different problems yet train services are expected to run uninterrupted throughout. Talk to Arrow to discover how our capability for innovation can solve the problems the weather throws at your network.

Winter Solutions Products

Thaw Granules
Thaw granulesC102

Ice and snow defrost granules

Third Rail Anti Icing Fluid
1000 lt IBCC456

Anti icing product for third rail applications

Train Screenwash
Train ScreenwashC169

Ready to use train windscreen wash

Train Winter Grade Screenwash
Train Winter Grade Screenwash 20ltC497

Train windscreen wash for use in freezing conditions

Universal De-Icer

General purpose liquid de-icer for rail industry