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Interior Cleaning Solutions

No passenger wants to spend either their morning commute or a long distance journey surrounded by graffiti, chewing gum residues and nasty odours. Onboard preparation of food that is then consumed in all corners of the train only adds to the problem, meaning effective cleaning and sanitising throughout is a critical task. The implementation of a well-planned cleaning schedule using products with maximum efficiency is the answer to meeting passenger expectations while fully controlling cost. Ask Arrow about how we can create a cleaning schedule that meets your specific requirements.

Interior Cleaning Solutions Products

Bactericidal Hydroclean
Bactericidal HydrocleanC197

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Carpet Shampoo 631

Premium low foaming carpet and upholstery shampoo

Chloroclean with Foam
Chloroclean with foamC957

High foaming specialist chlorinated high alkaline cleaner


A quick and effective liquid graffiti remover

Germfree 61

Hard surface cleaner and sanitiser

GL Remover

Citrus solvent based aerosol for glue and label removal

Handy Foam

Foaming hard surface cleaner

HR10 Chewing Gum Remover

Chewing gum removing gel

HR4 Window Cleaner RTU

Premium ready to use streak free window and glass cleaner

HR6 Enz-Odours

Enzymatic odour neutraliser and stain remover

HR8 Superclean Lemon

Universal cleaner and degreaser, suitable for use on most hard surfaces and floors

Mask 20LC213

Industrial re-odorant with a concentrated vanilla fragrance