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Bright Galva
Bright Galva product imageA071

Bright finish galvanising compound

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

ECAD product imageC076

Environmental Cleaner and Degreaser

Lotoxane product imageA415 / C043

The trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing

Lotoxane® Fast Wipes
Lotoxane fastC044

Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® Fast

Lotoxane® HD
Lotoxane HD product imageC048

Highly refined low odour solvent degreaser with boosted degreasing power.

Lotoxane® Triple F
Lotoxane Triple F product imageC054

Very fast evaporating refined low odour solvent degreaser

Lotoxane® XF
Lotoxane XF product imageA416 / C053

A rapid drying Lotoxane® variant which evaporates six times faster than standard Lotoxane®

Shield NF
Shield NF product imageC283

Non Flammable corrosion preventative, de-waterer and light lubricant

Sodaklenz product imageC961

Super concentrated high alkaline low foam cleaner and degreaser

Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant
Wire rope & gear lubricant product imageA067

Lubricant, corrosion inhibitor & protector

Wypit hand wipes product imageC504

Waterless hand cleansing wipes