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Cleaning & Descaling Products

Aquaklenz CP
Aquaklenz CP product imageC013

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser with added corrosion inhibitors for spraywash applications

Britox Plus
Britox Plus product imageC027

High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Citrol product imageC834

Microemulsion cleaner and degreaser

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

ECAD product imageC076

Environmental cleaner and degreaser for offshore and onshore applications

Fastklean product imageA134 / C239

Fast drying electrical component and machinery cleaner and degreaser

HDD product imageC180

Heavy duty emulsifiable solvent degreaser

Lotoxane product imageA415 / C043

The trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing

Metaklenz product imageC960

Non caustic low foam alkaline cleaner and degreaser

Rust Remover 28
Rust Remover 28 product imageC501

Mild rust and scale remover

System Descaler
System Descaler product imageC902

Specifically formulated for the rapid removal of scale, oxidisation and rust from both ferrous and most types of nonferrous metals and alloys

Trailerwash product imageC361

Powerful soil remover and degreaser