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System Descaler

Specifically formulated for the rapid removal of scale, oxidisation and rust from both ferrous and most types of nonferrous metals and alloys

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  • Removes scale and rust deposits in boilers, condenser pipework, air conditioning systems and food processing lines
  • Safe on stainless steel
  • Highly concentrated cleaner
  • Specially developed for use in food processing plants
  • Ideal as rust and scale remover from ferrous metals, copper and brass
  • Heavy duty cleaner, contains Phosphoric Acid
  • Contains a concentrated blend of low foaming surfactants, phosphoric acid and metal corrosion inhibitors
  • Non perfumed

Pack Sizes

  • 5lt
  • 20lt

Accreditations & Registrations

  1. Rail Cat No: 007/000870
System Descaler product image
System descaler
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